Here at Nakungoo we take our impact on the environment very seriously.

Our mission is to provide sustainable products at a fair price, and everyday we are committed to fulfill our promise. 

Nakungoo Tree Planting Project

Starting from May 2021, Nakungoo will give you the opportunity to plant one tree in your name for each Nakungoo® product sold.

Plus, we will still plant trees on our own in a monthly effort to get our carbon footprint to zero.

Find out more on the Nakungoo Tree Planting Project on the dedicated page HERE 

Products Impact

Each of our products is created with sustainability in mind. Here are the details we implemented in each product.


- Cups sealed in 100% biodegradable bags

- Carry bag made of 100% natural cotton

- Packaging made of 100% paper

- Instruction Manual printed on recycled paper

- Cleaning brush made of 100% bamboo FSC Certified

- Completely plastic-free

- Replaces tampons and pads

- Lasts easily up to 10 years