NakungooCup Details

Thanks to the antislip texture and the elastic ring NakungooCup adheres perfectly creating a vacuum effect that erases the risk of leaks. It also helps avoiding contact of liquids with oxygen and the formation of unpleasant odors.

NakungooCup Size and Measurements

Size S is recommended for women who have never delivered vaginally and are below 30 years old. Size L is for women who have delivered vaginally and/or are over 30 years old. On average, a woman over 30 that does a lot of physical activity will have stronger vaginal muscles and may find more comfortable size S.

NakungooCup is easy to insert, can be used during day and night, and it’s so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing it. It can be used in every moment of the day (at work, while you sleep, while travelling) and while you are at the gym, at the beach, at the swimming pool or while you dance, do sport, yoga etc.


NakungooCup Ring

NakungooCup’s upper ring is flexible but sturdy and once folded for insertion goes back to its original shape, giving you perfect adherence without leaks. The lower band gives you additional reinforcement.


NakungooCup Stem

Thanks to its antislip rings, the stem helps you remove NakungooCup. If you think it’s too long, you can always remove it or make it shorter by cutting it.


NakungooCup Holes

The small holes adhere perfectly to the vaginal walls, avoiding leaks completely. They allow the cup to open instantaneously and prevent the vacuum effect, for an easier removal and cleaning.


NakungooCup Texture 

The lower rings of NakungooCup are not only for aesthetics, but they have been designed to give you a better grip during insertion and removal. 

Eco-sustainability and saving

NakungooCup Saving

Climate change imposes us to change direction, even through small gestures. NakungooCup helps you, considering that every woman in her life throws away more than 150kg of disposable tampons and pads, and even more plastic (packaging, pads protections, disposable plastic bags, applicators…)

NakungooCup allows you to protect the environment, but how?

NakungooCup vs Tampons
- Cups sealed in 100% biodegradable bags.

- Cloth carry bag made of 100% organic cotton.

- Box made of 100% recyclable paper.

- Bamboo Brush for cleaning FSC Certified.

- Lasts easily up to 10 years. 



Your safety comes first

NakungooCup is perfect for sensitive skin, does not release synthetic fibers and eliminates the risk of allergies, infections and TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Does not absorb blood but it collects it, avoiding contact with vaginal walls. Blocks the proliferation of germs and bacteria, keeping pH and bacterial flora stable. Say goodbye to dryness, irritations, redness and discomfort. 

NakungooCup Laboratories


Each NakungooCup is controlled, certified and tested so you can live your period in total safety:


- FDA Approved -

- SGS Tested -

- SVHC Tested -

- Microbiology Tested -

- Skin sensitization tested -

- Vaginal membrane irritation tested -

- Vitro cytotoxicity tested -

- BPA free -

- Latex free -

- Toxins and Dioxin free -

- Artificial colors free -

- Hypoallergenic - 


For more info you can check NakungooCup's Instruction Manual


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